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Total offers a wide range of lubricants developed in partnership with major manufacturers like Renault and Citroen and used in world-class competitions such as Formula One and the FIA World Rally Championship. Our popular range of automotive lubricants includes Quartz for gasoline engines and Rubia for diesel engines.

Quartz and Rubia engine oils are both available in synthetic and mineral variants, which come in one-liter and four-liter packaging.


TOTAL Lubricants' high-performance TOTAL and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product, no matter what kind of car you drive.


TOTAL Lubricants has poured all of its long-acquired expertise into the NEPTUNA range for leisure boats. We provide water lovers with cutting-edge products.

Garden equipment

Good news for those with a green thumb: TOTAL Lubricants has a complete range of products dedicated entirely to gardening! Discover our oils for everything from chainsaws to wood-processing equipment.